Tuesday, 17 February 2009

27 Pair of Socks

Yes, you read that right. Not 27 dresses, but 27 pair of socks. Do you have a pile of socks that don't match stashed away somewhere? How long have they been there? When do you finally throw them away?
Well, during my nesting period before Eli was born, I decided to get rid of those mismatched socks that live in the cabinet above my washing machine. I had all of my laundry done, and closets were cleaned out, so I figured it would be safe to see what matches I had, and part with the rest.
So guess how many matches I found when I pulled them all out...that's right...27 pair! I can't even tell you what I was feeling after that accomplishment. I had such a natural high when I found all of those matches. But after that, I thought I may have matches for the others somewhere, and put the rest back in the cabinet. Will I ever throw them away? Or will the cheapo in me always hope that there is a mate for them somewhere in my house?


Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I feel like I would have that many, too!
I want baby pics via e-mail.
Love you!

WV: thrinky- what you might call thrifty after you've had a few too many drinkies.

Jill said...

Everything has a match. No matter how long it takes to find it. I still have 4 socks on my dresser that have been there about a year. I am certain, their matches will magically appear one day.

Don't you ever put on a silk shirt or dress or something and find a sock stuck in it? Reminds me of a high school classmate, Brendan Pfeiffer, in Civics class, put his arms in his sweatshirt...and pulled out his mothers pantyhose. Still makes me belly laugh today...23yrs later.

So, yea, long story...keep those loners...they will eventually get married to their partner.

Donna said...

How amazing and satisfying to find 27 matches! I feel that good today b/c the diapers and wipes are full to the brim and ready and I have a stack of pacifiers. Eli is an absolute doll- I'm already missing a newborn. You look so beautiful and thin?! Did you really just have a baby?!