Monday, 2 February 2009

Makin' Room for Baby

That's right, even my key ring got cleaned up making room for the little one. I have been nesting in a big way! Annie pointed out to me when we were in B'ham, how awesome my 'Relay for Life' key chain was. I honestly hadn't even realized I had it on my keyring. So I took it off, along with my 'Food World Bonus Value Card' (Note: We don't have a Food World here, and I've lived here for 5 years). And the Relay for Life key chain was from when I was in college at South Alabama, and co-chaired the University Relay there. Nice...time to let go Holly. I also took off my library card, and put it in my glove box.

I have managed to do these things in my mad nesting stage: 1) Cleaned off my keyring 2) Cleaned out the linen closet in the hall 3) Cleaned out Hadley's closet 4) Organized the bathroom closet 5) Cleaned out and re-organized Alex's toys and closet 6) Organized bonus room closet

These are all things that have NOTHING to do with the baby, but it makes me feel better.

Coming soon to a blog near you...nursery pics!

P.S. Visited midwife today, and for those who want the details, read on...those who don't...stop here.

2 cm dilated, almost 70% effaced, baby is -2 station

making progress...could be today, or two weeks. Still have 9 days until due date. Trying to cherish every moment, as I waddle around town! Grateful my feet and hands aren't swollen...just my lips!


annieck said...

Getting a lot accomplished. GOOD FOR YOU!!! :)
She'll be here soon! ;)

Donna said...

Oh my goodness- you are having that baby soon! How long can you stay 70%? It's your third for Pete's sake! I know just what you mean about cleaning OTHER things than the baby's room- I wanted everything in it's place and I'm so glad I did it. Oh- it's exciting to know new life is right around the corner! I'm praying for you sister!