Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Come, Sweet, Comb

Does anyone remember these combs? It has been awhile since I've seen them...until last week.

My drivers license expired, and I had to get it renewed. I know, right? Perfect timing? I love getting my picture made for something I will have to look at daily for another five years right after giving birth. I have dark circles under my eyes, and am "still swollen" as that peach at the park told me.

Anyway, back to the combs. Since I had to wait for about 1 1/2 hours (standard for these places), I had lots of 'people watching' time. There is also a sign up that asks you not to use your cell phone in there. I didn't know this, so didn't bring anything to read. Hence the people watching. I kid you not, 3 men pulled these combs out of there pockets to run it through their hair before posing for their pic. NOT KIDDING! Is this hilarious to anyone but me? I thought only people that take the school pictures had these. Maybe you had to be there, but let me explain the 3 people that had possession of the infamous black comb.

1) A man with a nice long mullet. Felt like I was home sweet home in Alabama again.
2) A regular looking man, dressed in a button up shirt and nice jeans...and a beaded Indian belt. He must've made a stop in Gatlinburg on his way. He didn't have matching moccasins, but another guy did.
3) A man with "Church of Christ Preacher hair." No offense to these preacher men, but since I went to a COC high school, I met lots of these preachers, and most of them had the same hair. And I think it is safe to say, they have a comb in their pocket, and a bottle of Aqua Net in their office.

Next time you go get your license renewed, take my advice...don't bring a book! The people in your town may quite possibly offer you more entertainment than you bargained for!


annieck said...

You crack me up!
You know Channing rocks one of those combs all the time! ;)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Several points:
1) I had my picture made in 2005 1 week after Owen was born. I could barely walk, but since are birthdays are so stinking close I had to go get my license renewed.
2) I'm glad to see the mullet has escaped over the border.
3) My FIL rocks the comb all the time and there will never be anything I can say about it. He also carries a fanny pack. Lord help me if he reads this.