Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Well, I think I've heard it all now. This evening I was at the park swinging Hadley and my anonymous friend "Teri" and I were visiting. A young girl (about 12 years old) came and hopped on the swing next to Hadley. She looked at me and smiled, so I smiled back. She said, "You pregnant?" I laughed and said, "No, I just had a baby a few weeks ago." She said, "Oh, and your stomach is still swollen." I won't tell you want I wanted to say to her if she were a little older, but I just laughed again, and said "Yes, thanks for pointing that out." She then looked at my friend "Teri" and said, "Is that your baby?" (She was holding Eli.) And I said, "No, that's my baby." Then she looked at "Teri" and said, "Oh, and she's the Grandma?"
AWESOME!!!! My belly is swollen, and my 30 something friend is Grandma. We must have looked BEAUTIFUL tonight!

Oh well, I will just raise my children to keep such comments to themselves, unlike this cruel human did to us!


Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor friend and you!

Anonymous said...

Poor "Teri"

annieck said...

Terrible! I would be MORTIFIED if my child said something like that to someone. Oh my!
Well I, personally, think you look FABULOUS! :)
Oh...LOVE the hospital shots Molly took. Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That kid should be a motivational speaker! I need to know who this "grandma" friend is b/c I'm pretty sure I've met all your friends and none of them could pass for grandmas!

Jill said...

Welcome to the lovely world of tweens. I have one tween and one teenager. You can just get a small glimpse of my LOVELY life now. It's even better when they ask you about "did you go to college?" You go on to say "yes, I worked my way through college." And then one or they say "Oh, you were too STUPID to get accepted."

Yes...I did hold back from knocking the C R A P outta the child. But Lord help me.

I am sure your children will be much better behaved and less about "putting it out there" (using their mouth filters). Ugh.

I am sure you don't look pregnant and Teri does not look like a Grandma...

Donna said...

Um...didn't you say she was like 12? That is surely old enough to know better! And you do look amazing- I saw your pics on Annie's blog and you are gawjus.

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I had a tween ask me if I was a boy or a girl one time after a particularly bad haircut.
I'm still a little shaken.
You, my dear, are certainly be-you-ti-ful and I'm sure Teri is adorable, too, if she is a friend of yours!