Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bella Band

Alright, my slightly ADD self is tired of blogging about mommy inventions. So this is my last one. I may have saved the best for last. It's the Bella Band! As you can see from the picture above, you can wear this all during your pregnancy, and after. It's really great at the start of your pregnancy when your pants are uncomfortable, but you aren't big enough for maternity clothes yet. You can wear it with your pants unbuttoned. I'm currently using mine to hide the muffin top when I wear my jeans that button, but don't look very flattering right now. My smart sis also told me that she used hers as an under top/cami type thing. It fits really snug, so you can use it as a bra (only if you are itty bitty up top like me...none of us want to see your business sagging to your knees) while nursing. I hear there are knock offs of this that are just as good, but this is the one I have. Love it! Here are a few more things I was going to post about, but like I said, I'm over it! (WHY didn't I think of this...or why didn't someone else think of this 9 years ago when Alex screamed all night for months?!)


Anonymous said...

OK! That blanket thing is crazy! Gabe would have LOVED it and would probably still be using it! But, my spazzy Gianna...NO WAY! She screamed her head off anytime we swaddled! That sista did not want to be tied down! That is a cool invention though!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love it and will totally use one next time (if there is a next?)!