Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Hide them thangs!

I have been very blessed to have been able to nurse all of my children. It wasn't until the 3rd that I got one of these incredible nursing covers. I had always just covered up with a blanket. This always turned into a problem when the babies got old enough to grab it and pull it off, leaving mommy in all her glory completely exposed. So here is mine (my sweet friend Jenn bought it for me as a gift).

Mine is the Bebe Au Lait brand. But there are also "Hooter Hiders" available, and I'm sure lots of other brands. LOVE THIS INVENTION! The first time I saw it (maybe my sisters), I thought it was ridiculous. I thought, "Why would someone spend money on this piece of fabric, when a blanket works perfectly fine!" Little did I know that they are wonderful! Lightweight (so you and baby don't sweat to death), hooks around your neck (so baby can't pull it off), has a little plastic insert in the top that leaves it open (so you can see baby, and baby can breathe), and it covers the whole top part of your body...not kidding, you can practically strip down under this thing and know one would know. This is a MUST HAVE if you are a nursing mommy!


annieck said...

My MIL got me one (same brand you got). She got me the black eyelet one because she said I wouldn't want to be advertising, with some wild print, that I was nursing. ;) Ha! Isn't that funny?
Didn't matter to me, though. I just knew I wanted one. It will make life SO much easier. :)
Check out this snazzy invention I found in "Fit Pregnancy" magazine. It looks like a must-have too:
AND this is another must-have on my list:

Anonymous said...

mmmmhmm!! same old story...making fun of me for something then loving it yourself!! when will you ever learn?? i guess when you join facebook!