Monday, 2 November 2009

Fashion Funnies

1) While at yoga last night, I noticed (while looking through my legs in down dog) a lady wearing a Sara Lee t-shirt. This was hilarious to me...wearing a dessert t-shirt to a fitness class. I was waiting for the teacher to say "Put down the cheesecake and make your way to Warrior I!"

2) I was grocery shopping early this morning (7:30ish). I saw a woman in the distance wearing Christmas pajamas. I'm not bashing not looking your best at the store as I've been known to wear workout clothes and what-not to the store...however, pjs...really? Is it that hard to at least put some sweatpants and a hoodie on? As I got closer, I noticed she also had on striped socks and black flip-flops. No joke.


Sara said...

love your post..i live in a more...shall we say, rural area where it is actually more normal to see outfit #2 at say the grocery store, than to see someone who actually makes an attempt.....i can totally picture this person...