Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy Summer Ya'll

Last year, I dropped a whole size in clothes with no explanation. It was nice...really nice. I was smaller than I can remember. Like pre-high school. So I did what any girl would do in this situation and ditched all my clothes that were too big for me!

Well guess what happened when momma tried to put on her white shorts a few weeks ago. They wouldn't button! Surely they shrunk in the dryer, you say?! Well that what's I said! But come to find out, ALL of my shorts shrunk in the dryer!!!

So I put together a plan to start working out and dieting like crazy. But honestly, I'm not in the mood for dieting. Seriously, it just makes me grumpy, and I'm already grumpy enough as it is. I don't feel the need to bring it on myself. And besides, it WAS a total fluke that I was that skinny last year. I have no idea how it happened. I think my body had me confused with someone else. And let's get real. There's no way, even if I tried that I was going to drop enough weight quick enough to fit into those tiny shorts.

So onto plan "B." 1) Go shopping and buy some clothes that actually fit (this is what I tell my clients when they gain weight...time to take my own advice). I did this, and I feel better already! 2) Spend lots of time at the pool....cuz tan fat is prettier than white fat. 3) Sit on the back porch and drink a Blue Moon while my hubby grills cheeseburgers and listen to the faint sound of the ice cream maker churning up something good in my kitchen. Ahhhh, now that sounds like a plan! Oh yeah, and with a little help from my friend, I can maintain what I am now so I won't have to go shopping again!

Happy Summer Ya'll!!!


Donna said...

Yes Sister- eat and tan- that's been my policy for years and it hasn't failed me. :) P.S. you look awesome and don't need to lose even one pound.

Anonymous said...

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