Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What We Do for Beauty

We all know the phrase, "It hurts to be beautiful." It's kind of my motto. I mean, what's a little pain, right? Stilettos for hours at a wedding, ripping hair off your face with hot wax, sleeping (or not sleeping at all) in ridiculous contraptions such
as the pink sponge rollers, that seemed like a good idea when putting them in before bed, but not such a good idea when you get up the next morning with half of them out, therefore leaving half of your head in Shirley Temple ringlets, and the other half straight as a board.
Or what about the infamous headgear (No this is not me in this picture, but it does resemble me in high school, minus the hands under the armpits. My poor parents spent the money on a headgear, that I literally wore one time. I decided an extra year of braces was so worth it to not have to wear that monstrosity.
My latest "pain" was the home keratin treatment I tried. I have had two professional 'Brazilian Blowouts' to straighten my hair (which looks like headgear girl if I don't take professional measures). Anyway, the home treatment is not as good as the professional one to say the least. I used the Organix brand Brazilian Treatment and my hair was greasy for 48 hours (which is how long you have to keep it in without washing it, or putting it behind your ears or in a ponytail. I also smelled of some crazy things. Some people said, microwaved chicken noodle soup or ramen noodles, some said cookies, some said suntan oil. I think it was a combo of all three. Anyway, I would say that this pain isn't worth it. Spend the money on real Scotch tape, Kraft cheese, and a real salon Keratin Treatment. You'll get what you pay for otherwise :). What kind of pain have you put yourself through for beauty, and was it worth it?


Jill said...

Last year, bikini wax. Trust me, it was not for beauty. It was in the words of Lance Armstrong "All About the bike." Yeah, nearly $100 later and much humiliation and pain, I was able to ride 100's of miles all summer long without intense (____) pain. *Censored

TMI. I know.

Never will I do that again!!

Donna said...

BB gets those professional keratin treatments and wants me to. Glad to know that I need to go pro. And the headgear girl really does look a lot like you did back at MCS! HA!

Miz Becky said...

Holly, I've done some craaazy things. I do Suzanne Somer's Facemaster. Google it. It is applying electric probes to your face and zapping. My IQ has gone from 180 to 75. Okay, never 180. Also, Facial Flex. It's a little gadget you put in your mouth with a rubber band and you "weight lift" by making your mouth go in (like "ooooo") and then relax. AND, an ultrasonic facial machine that also has the red light. I should look 18 if the advertisements were true. I don't. I'm that person P.T. Barnum was writing about when he said, "There is a sucker born every minute". I was the one for my minute.
In high school I was generally green...due to my regular facials with "Queen Helene Mint Julip Mask". Also slept in scotch tape on my bangs and side burns...which left raw squares of flesh when I pulled them off. Am sure my classmates thought I had an incurable skin disease.
I have the thigh master, butt master, ab. wheel, butterfly chest master, in the past did the electronic zapper for the tummy, and tried most anti-aging creams.
But if looking good is wrong, I don't want to be right.
Love and kisses,
Miz Becky