Sunday, 2 December 2012

Catching up on Thankfulness

Well, the idea of posting daily in November was a grand idea, and one I totally planned on completing. Not so much, but I think doing over half is pretty darn good.  Here are a few more things I didn't post about that I'm thankful for:

Red Wine
Good Music
A fire in the Fireplace
Hot Chocolate
Christmas Lights
My Church
My friends who love me despite my many flaws
My 3 beautiful Children
Our Health
Fall in Tennessee
Carefree Timelessness with my family
Homeschooling (love having my ducklings under my wing)
Our homeschooling community at our Church
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Being back in Franklin

And last, but certainly not least...This guy.

My best friend, and husband, and father of my children.  He works so hard for our family so that I can stay at home and educate these youngins.  He hates to leave home every time he has to go out of town, but does so with joy because he knows it's necessary.  When he is home, he just wants to be with us.  He prays with us, and helps with baths and bedtime.  He cooks for us and is an amazing cook.  Very much a hands-on dad.  He makes up crazy fun games that the kids love like "Roar" (like hide and seek but you "roar" when you find someone), and "I saw" (he talks to the kids every night and they ask him if he saw any animals that day.  He asks them the same.  We document with pictures and share them with each other).  Here are some pics of our favorite spottings (I saw 3 peacocks on the side of the interstate on the way back from Orlando a few weeks ago, but couldn't get a picture...not kidding.  Nobody believes me except my dad).

 Black bear in FL
 Dear in Franklin
 Fox on the lawn of the library
 25 turkey in the neighbors yard
And the funniest animal of all.  Daddy.  After all these years, he still makes me laugh.  I love him and am thankful for him everyday!


g said...

I love this post. And your list. And your family. So so happy you're in my life and for the friendship we have

Lindsey Garansuay said...

I love this too!! And that they made Tadd taller than you in that pic!! Ahhhh, the magic of photography!!!

Donna said...

Beautiful pic of you and your sweet hubby- you are a perfect match! I'm THANKFUL FOR YOU!

fireplace mantels said...

love this post!