Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thankful for-Day 22-My Parents

I really mean this.  I have the best parents ever.  They sacrificed so much for us growing up so that we could go to private school and take dance lessons, and play sports, etc, etc.  We never had the fanciest of clothes nor did we wear name brands, and I think that helped form who we are today.  We were taught how to manage money and to not spend more than we have, and to always tithe first, before any bills were paid.  We were taught how to pray, and to put God first in every aspect of our lives.  We were taught how to love our spouses, and they were the perfect example of this.  Dad never did (or does to this day) pass up an opportunity to steal a kiss from mom, or grab her butt (or other body part).  We always thought it was so gross, but appreciate it now!  We were taught to be passionate about things we love.  We were taught to stand up for what we believe in and what is right, true and good.  We were taught how to act like ladies and how to respect adults.  We were taught to lean on each other when the "going got tough."  We were taught how to treat our friends and enemies.  We were taught about good work ethic.  We were taught how to sell stuff and negotiate and to NEVER play full price.  We were taught how to fish and how to throw a cast net (and boy would Dad have loved to have raised some girls who would hunt too...no such luck).  We were taught how to stay married.  We were taught that homeschooling could be cool.  We learned what kind of husband to look for and what kind of wife to be.  We were taught how to parent God's way, no matter what the world says.

So today, I want to say how very thankful I am for my wonderful parents (and they don't read my blog so I've got to now email them this link so they see this!!!).  I love you both very much and thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do for me!


Donna said...

You do have wonderful, beautiful, amazing Godly parents- that picture is awesome!

BB Tucker said...

Awwwww, I know your parents (your Mom best) and you are absolutely correct. They ARE amazing. And they produced three amazing daughters who are all committed to their faith, their families, and making the world better.
Quite a heritage and testament to your parents' sacrifice of love!!