Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thankful for Days 17 and 18-Reunions and Reunions

I am thankful for old friends!  This has been a busy weekend full of reunions!  Friday night was a very casual, relaxed evening with my friends from high school.  A few of them organized a party for our 15 year reunion and it was a blast.  I'm so grateful to get to spend time with these people and learn about their lives and children and where they are in life (and it's really neat that I'm not on FB and get to actually find out about their lives through conversation...just sayin').  

 Hanging with the girls (we laughed all night.  Such a fun time!)
 The whole crew
 Me and AT
 The guys singing a little Hank.
Me and Annice (sitting around a fire pit that later burned down this deck...just terrible. Thankfully it was in the middle of the night and they caught it before it touched the house.  Nobody was hurt.  Lesson for us all...never put a fire pit on a wooden deck!)

Then the next night was my big Alpha Gam sister's wedding.  It was fabulous and I got to hang with the girls.  We danced and laughed and danced some more.  I'm so grateful for that time I had with my girls!
 Do you have one of those friends where you just pick up where you left off?  That's me and Illy.  We can go months without talking and then just act like we never missed a beat.  I always can share my heart with her and love her dearly.  My Nilly!!!
 Me and Alecia, the stunningly beautiful bride!
 There was a photo booth there...lots of fun!
Blake, Nikki, Jill, Illy, me and Emily.

I'm thankful for a weekend full of reminiscing and making new memories with old friends!