Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Thankful for Days 19 and 20-Heidi and Lindsey

My sisters.  They are awesome.  We haven't always gotten along, and still don't always get along.  But I know this.  We choose to be friends, and we always make up.  It isn't always easy having sisters, but on the flip-side, I couldn't imagine life without them.  Though the miles separate us, we still manage to see each other all together at least twice a year (and sometimes more separately).  I'm so grateful to have sisters that all make the effort to stay close.  

 Girls, don't be mad at this picture.  The only other halfway recent one of us is in the pool this summer and I KNEW you'd kill me if I posted that.  It's equally bad of all of us, so that makes it fair.  
My dear, sweet Heidi.  I'm here in FL with Heidi right now and have enjoyed every second of her and her sweet boys.  Sad to leave tomorrow :(  Grateful for you my eldest sister.  You are sweet, kind, giving, selfless, beautiful inside and out, and I love you so much!
Lindsey, you will always be my favorite duet partner.  No matter how much we disagree, we will always be in perfect harmony.  I love you Lindsey and am grateful for your honesty, perseverance, beauty and strength.  How awesome is this pic by the way?  You'd think by the looks of it that we think we are professionals...oh wait...we do!


g said...

i love your sisters. and i love that picture of you and lins :)

Donna said...

Precious, beautiful girls. I never had a sister- and love seeing sisters be there for each other. LOVE that singing pick- ya'll were getting ready to shimmy and shake til your garters break.