Sunday, 18 November 2012

Thankful for-Day 16

This is a really big one.  Bunny finished her reading lesson book!  I'm not going to lie.  This book "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons" was not always easy for us.  I have a friend who has very bright children (you know who you are) who told me to use this book.  I cursed her silently in my head over the last year as we struggled through this book.  Not easy with a strong-willed child.  I'm sure her children flew through it ;)   But the point is, we finished it and I'm so glad we did, because Hadley is really reading well because of this method (see pic below of the last story she read).

On Thursday we celebrated the completion of this book by going to see Brave at the downtown Franklin theatre, which we've been wanting to go to.  We hadn't been since the remodeled and re-opened it.  It was really need.  It feels like an old-timey movie theatre...well, actually, it is one!  Tickets are ALWAYS $5 there, and they sell beer and wine.  Win/win/win.

So proud of my Bunny and thankful for her perseverance to finish this book!


Donna said...

My kids did NOT fly through this book- they are starts and stops and it always takes over a year. I'm so proud of Bunny! She is now reading at a 2nd grade reading level and she's only in kindergarten- GO MOMMA!!!! $5 movies with wine- are you serious?! And I loved seeing the high school and college crews- although I need you to label the high school folks- I couldn't figure out some of the guys and a couple of the girls. :)