Saturday, 21 March 2009

Fancy Nancy

Why didn't I invent this character? Fancy Nancy. She loves all things fancy from her tiara to her shoes to her big fancy words! I had never heard of her until Hadley got invited to a Fancy Nancy birthday party. So when we got invited, I headed to the library to get some of her books so we would know all about her before the party. Hadley has LOVED the book, and wants to read it all of the time. Nancy is my new favorite kid! Being a a first time "mama to a girl," all of this is new to me. You should totally check her out! She is fabulous!

Now, on to the funny part of this story. Have any of your kids called something other than it's real name and it sound like something else? Well, when Hadley brings me this book to read she says, "Read Act Nasty mama." Translated, "Read Fancy Nancy mama." It cracks me up.

I have a friend who picked up her son from daycare one day and the teacher told her he was saying bad words. She was shocked, and wondered where he heard them from. She asked what Sam said, and the teacher said "Dumb Fu#*!" My friend realized immediately what Sam was saying and it was "Dump Truck."

Ah, the things babies say. I told Hadley that her name is "Nancy, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty." I guess it's fine that she says 'act nasty' as long as she's not actually acting nasty!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Hilarious! I can't think of any off the top of my head- which is a good thing, for sure. O has several every day, though. :)
I love Ms. jackson if you're nasty. let's just hope she doesn't say that at pre-school!

Elyse said...

I have seen many a man with those combs slightly poking out their back pocket...probably because the dip can in that pocket is taking up too much room. I've enjoyed reading your blog..

Jill said...

My nephew calls his sister (Gaige) Cecil instead of "sister." She is small, pale and bald. Looks like an old man...and it stuck. Then, after some family tracing I found out we had a great uncle/cousin there it is.

I think the child will forever be known as Cecil...poor thing. Maybe I can change it to Cecilia or somethin?? hmmm...