Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Chow Fest 2012-Day 1

My sweet, adorable, much older than me husband is turning 40! We are currently celebrating. Now Tadd is not much for a month long birthday celebration, but I am. So here we go! We have been planning this trip for about a month, and it's been funny, because when I say "planning this trip" I mean "researching every restaurant on in New Orleans." So this trip my friends is all about the food. For those of you who don't know, Tadd and I are self-proclaimed foodies. We love to eat.

So join us as we document this 5 day, 3 state, culinary extravaganza! We are enjoying it so far and hope you do as well! Below is listed our rating system from 1-10 and what it means.


2-Borderline Food Poisoning

3-Wouldn’t send my arch nemesis there

4-Holly Could’ve cooked better than that

5-Should’ve gone to McDonald’s

6-Need to take a class in seasoning

7-Decent, but Tadd could do better

8-Pretty Dang Good

9-No doubt, I want to eat that again!

10-Best I’ve ever eaten

Monday-Day 1 Lunch: We were in Mobile dropping our kids of with the grandparents most of the day, but there was a spot that I've been wanting Tadd to try out. Is on Government St. in the Loop area in Korbet's Square, and is called Regina's Kitchen. Now, this place is nothing fancy, but it us yummy. It's a deli that is only open for lunch (and they do catering). The service is great, and the people who work there are friendly. My reason for wanting Tadd to try this place was specifically for this sandwich called The Schoel. It is a turkey, bacon, jalepeno cheddar cheese (made in house) sandwich on grilled sour dough bread. It did not disappoint him! I'm so glad that we know what each other likes. We get so excited when we find something yummy that we want to share with one another...and Regina's was just that for us. Yum! Go check it out! Oh, no pics of this dish for you. We didn't decide to document this trip until today! Plenty of pics to come! Ratings: Tadd-8, Holly-9
Day 1 Dinner: Again, nothing fancy for this meal. Mom and Dad came to Biloxi with us to check us in our hotel room, and we had dinner with them at the High Tide restaurant at Imperial Palace. It is your typical casino restaurant. Mom paid with this with her points on her card, so the yummiest part was that it was free! We decided to do salad and soup bar here because we knew there were a few desserts we wanted to try (I get my sweet tooth from my dad, and it is bad!). We ordered two (huge) desserts between the 4 of us, and were fighting over the last bites! We got a blondie sundae (I love brownies more than life itself...make it a blondie, hot, with vanilla ice cream, and I'm in heaven), and bread pudding with fresh fruit, a divine whisky sauce and whipped cream! We decided that since we ate salad for dinner and then dessert, they cancel each other out. It's like we didn't eat at all! Ratings (for dessert since you can't really rate a salad bar): Tadd-8, Holly-8

That's all for day one. Pics and post from today to come soon!