Saturday, 14 January 2012

Curly Hair Tip

Last week, I was given a voucher for a free haircut from a neighbor (maybe it was her way of telling me my hair was nappy and a cut was much needed). Being new to town, I had no idea of where to go, so I gladly accepted. My first impression was not great when I sat down in the stylists chair. I told her that I usually get my hair thinned out massively from underneath so there aren't little wispy hairs on the top layer, and that I wanted her to do the same thing. She said she felt strongly against it and couldn't do that. I mean, seriously, what do you say when a stylist says "No" to what you want? I was in shock a little bit, I must admit. Anyway, she said that if you do that, it grows out and is even thicker and more unruly than before. She said she would add some chunky layers around the bottom and that would work much better. I reluctantly proceeded.

Next, as she was washing my hair, she told me that when you have curly hair, and you want to style it curly, you should wash your hair with warm water (this opens the pores to allow the nutrients from the shampoo and conditioner to absorb) and then rinse with cold (this closes them so that the nutrients are locked in and the outside elements can't get in). Let hair air dry and add minimal product (she suggested moroccan oil, but I didn't use any product at all).

I just tried out this method yesterday for the first time. I have to say that my hair has never looked better curly! I'm not sure if it's the cut, or the cold water method, but it seriously looks so much better.

So here's my confession. I am not a hair professional, but I am a control freak, and I THINK I know what my hair needs. I obviously do not. I vow to listen to the professionals from now on. Just like I expect people to listen to my advice about fashion, I should listen to said professionals, and I will.

Any of you that have curly/wavy hair, please try this method out and let me know what you think. I'm curious if it's the method or the cut (or a combo of the two) that worked for me.


g said...

ummm i want a pic! :) I'll try the warm/cold thing and let you know how mine turns out!

annieck said...

You know I don't have curls! However, with my kids, I got a tip recently that has worked great for Rhi and Tristan's hair. someone told me that with curls, you should use shampoo sparingly. She said she washes her hair with conditioner and only uses shampoo every once in a while. So I tried it. Their curls were so much softer, more manageable and bouncy! Try it sometime and let me know what you think. :)
P.S. Thx for the encouragement on my blog. I've been out of the loop for so long, I have to sit down and figure out how to get started again. My background and everything is such a mess! Ugh. And on my most recent post, it added all kind of crazy spacing, despite me correcting it TWICE. Oh well. Hopefully I'll figure it out again soon. :)