Monday, 23 January 2012

My New Favorite

Just curious...who's seen these?

They are ribbon hair ties, if you don't already know. Back during our girl's trip this fall, all of the girls either had these, or were buying them when we were out shopping in Homewood at a little boutique. I thought it was ridiculous to spend $12 on 5 hair ties. I didn't understand what all the buzz was about. Well, they all let me know that these do not pull your hair (no breakage) and they don't leave a crease after wearing a ponytail! So I made way back to Homewood and spent $12 on 5 hair ties. Hadley was very disappointed that I got the neutral colors. Sorry sister...mama is frugal and practical. Well yesterday, my sweet friend Kayce bought me the jewel tone set, and guess what she told me?! You can get a set of 8 for $8 at Sephora! This is the best price that I have seen to buy locally. Some places here in Birmingham are selling them for $5 a piece!!! Highway robbery if you ask me. Anthropologie also sells them, and if you want to get fun with prints or initials, Etsy has a great selection and good prices. Anyway, I adore these things. They make my boring little ponytail look deliberate. It also fits around my ponytail 3 times, which is unusual and important! And if you are wearing it on your wrist (as I do often with ponytail holders), it doesn't look ugly. It's downright cute. Oh, and a certain 5 year old is wearing one of my pink ones today!

So I know these are huge in Birmingham. For all of my readers in other places (both of them), has this little trend reached your neck of the woods?


Donna said...

I loved yours yesterday- I'm going to get some- how cute for summer when my hair is in a perpetual ponytail!

BB Tucker said...

I no longer need my navy, white or black scrunchies (from the '80's) now that my hair is short.
Any of you girls who would like them, speak soon. We're moving and I almost never use them for bracelets any more.
Welllllll, I almost forgot I could use them as anklets.
Let me rethink that.

nick, robyn and taylor said...

Ooooh, I might have to find me some of those! My hair is in a ponytail or bun 99% of the time, and most of the time lacks pizazz. Seriously. And no, they haven't made it to Mobile yet, but you know how that goes...we're kinda slow to catch on to such things. On second thought, I don't get out shopping much and am not really on top of the latest fashions, so they very well could be here already!