Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fashionista's Finds

While visiting my mom and dad, I got inspired to clean out the closet of my old bedroom.  My and my sister, Lindsey shared this room, so the closet was equally balanced in our "junk."  I organized it ceiling to floor.  Boxed up pictures and keepsakes from high school and college for both of us.  And once all that was organized, vacuumed and dusted, I got to the fun part.  The clothes!  Not that I had all my old clothes still, but definitely some keepers.  Check out what I found (pardon the poor picture quality from my "crackberry.")!

 Bridesmaid dress from friend, Jenn's wedding...11 years ago!  And it's too big on me (raise the roof ya'll).
 My wedding dress!  Mom's having it cleanded and put away as a reward for cleaning out the closet!
Ellen's bridesmaids dress.  I added the belt and am totally having it cut off for a summer wedding dress!  Score!  For real, a bridesmaid dress you can wear again!
 Mine and my mom's First Holy Communion dress.  It will be Hadley's in a few years  I love this dress!  The picture doesn't do it justice, but it has the sweetest lace and tiny buttons up the front.

 My cheerleading uniform from Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, circa 1997.  Doesn't still fit.
And last but not least my cheerleading uniform (which I'm pretty sure had been in use since the 70s before the retired it after my senior year), and my cheerleading jacket.

I'm exhausted, but fulfilled.  It was a fun day of reminising! 


Heidi L. said...

SO fun!! Glad you tackled that project...it's been a long time coming! : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not posting our poems!! ;)

Donna said...

You and your skinny stuff are making me feel sick. Seriously- you can wear something from 11 years ago and it's "TOO BIG"? You are amazing. Yay for Ellen getting a dress you can rewear- I def. did not do that for my bridemaids. :) Ha!

Donna said...

And is that Heidi comment from your sister? How come no blog posts? Join in the fun!

Heidi Lott said...

Donna, I'm too busy with Facebook!!! ; ) We've been praying for your family!