Friday, 4 September 2009

Christmas Morning in September

I went to hear a woman speak about organizing (not my strong point unless it's a clothes closet). We asked her what to do about the millions of toys we have. She suggested putting 1/2 of them away in storage, and then every 2 to 3 months, swapping them out. It keeps the clutter away and keeps your kids interested in their toys.

So I tested out this theory. Except I waited 7 months to swap them out. Anyway, Hadley woke up from her nap yesterday and screamed with excitement! At least ten times yesterday, she said, "Thank you momma for my new toys." Precious! She did not remember any of her other toys that I had put away. And what usually occupies her for 30 minutes, has occupied her for a day and a half.

So I guess I'm saying, I'm sold Mrs. organization lady. I buy it, and am totally gonna do this more!

By the way, she said do it when you get a ton of new birthday gift toys too. Put half of them away, and your kids won't even realize it. Then pull one out every once in awhile. Money saver!