Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Juicy Suit is Gonna Move Ya'

Sorry for the corny title, but I can't get the catchy Juicy Fruit commercial out of my head. I struggled with a swimsuit selection this year considering I was a few months post-giving birth. After going to EVERY department store, I ended up at Belk. Why I didn't start there in the first place, I don't know. I have gotten my last 2 swimsuits there, and I always have success. I guess I just wanted a bargain. Anyway, I ended up with a swimdress. I know, sounds grandma, but look at it...cute, huh?! And yes, my body looks JUST LIKE THIS in it!

Anyway, since I am a "frugalista" (Tadd says this should be my new title since we have heard the term on the new Target commercial, and I'm always searching for a deal), it was hard for me to make this purchase. It is Juicy Couture, and though it was 1/2 off, it was still pricey for me. SOOOO glad I bit the bullet and did it, because I heart this swimsuit. It covers everything I want covered and shows off the good stuff.

So we went to the beach and Illy came over with her precious little girl, Reagan, and guess what Illy was wearing? You guessed Juicy Suit! She said Jenn had it at a girls weekend that I missed and she went and bought it because it was so cute. Guess all of us moms have the same more bikinis!!!!

So my Juicy Suit is on the move...across three much for being different.



Anonymous said...

I love this suit! I want one!!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

OK- I can't see your page because it has the same goofy background as Annie's, but yours is over the whole page? What in the world??