Friday, 18 September 2009

Who do you choose?

So long before Clinton and Stacy, were Trinny and Susannah. I heart them! They have a new show called "Making over America with Trinny and Susannah." Love it. I choose them over C and S anyday. Why? I'll tell you. They are honest, but nice and they actually take the 'victim' shopping instead of throwing them to the sharks like C and S do. I mean seriously. These people obviously don't know how to dress much less shop. Why would you send them off on their own the first day. I know it's for entertainment purposes, but it ticks me off. They always end up in tears, and I feel for those poor people. T and S take them shopping and even take pics of them in their outfits to hang in their closet. That way, they know how to match their clothes up. We do it T and S style at Ciao Bella by the way!
So who do you choose? Oh, by the way, one negative about T and S. They get naked and grab people's T and A wayyyy too much. Not in a nasty way, but to see how their bodies really are...but still, they get carried away sometimes.


Jill said...

Hmmm...what channel are T and S on? I don't get TLC anymore so I do miss that "other" show. Let me know how to find T and S...thanks!

Donna said...

I remember T and S from back in the day- and once they were on Oprah a few years ago and said don't wear black pants with a "color" top and Oprah was sitting there in an orange shirt and black pants! : ) My mom has their book too. I love them!