Friday, 11 September 2009

Me and this Shoe

Ordinary? No! I really don't think so,
Not a love this true.
Common destiny, we were meant to be, me and this shoe.
Like a perfect scene from a movie screen,
We're a dream come true.
Suited perfectly, for eternity, me and this shoe.
Everyday, well I need you even more, And the nighttime too.
There's no way, I could ever let you go.
Even if I wanted to.
Everyday I live, try my best to give, All I have to you.
Thank the stars above, that we share this love, me and this shoe!
-Taken without permission from Kenny Chesney's "Me and You."

Everyone likes to hear a good love story, right? Well here is mine about my steamy love affair with a shoe. I first saw them in black on "What not to Wear." It was at the end of the show when they show what they are wearing and how much they cost. The cost was $32 and I knew then that I must find these shoes. Fast forward a few weeks later (about 4 days ago), when I got an email from DSW showing me these fabulous ruffle shoes.

HAT?! These were them in red! So I went to the site, and they had them in several colors. What to do? I didn't know what color to get, and I was scared and confused. Fast forward to yesterday. I am shopping at Marshall's with a client. As I pass the shoe clearance section on the way into the dressing room, something caught my eye. Who was this radiant beauty staring back at me (insert angels or Kenney Chesney singing)? THE SHOES...IN MY SIZE...FOR $15!!!! Shut up. Me and these shoes were meant to be and we will be together forever.

Oh, and as you can see...Hadley loves them too! Oh, and if you were wondering, and must have some for yourself, the brand is Madden Girl.


Anonymous said...

you do crack yourself up! you're such a freak, but those are some fab shoes!

Shana said...

girl, you just let me know if they're comfy...and I'm all over it. also, did you write that lovely little poem? sassy.

Jill said...

Shut up too!! You must get a twitter account and twit us shoe lovers. I am sure by the time I get there - they will be gone. Man...I need new cute shoes! (and a shopping trip with my fav shopper - though have to be on "said budget" - which I HATE!!)

Donna said...

Love it- I knew exactly what song you were singing from the first line. I just have one word for your shoes- fierce!

annieck said...

You always find the great deals!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love the song taken w/o permission. And the shoe, of course. It is lovely.