Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ashes to Ashes...

and dust to dust. We hope you burn your britches when you jam with us (clap, clap), jam with us.

Ok, sorry for the cheer. I couldn't resist. This post is not about cheerleading, but about Ash Wednesday. The beginning of Lent, or the 40 days before Easter. Looking forward to Lent. The older my kids get, and start to understand, the more I look forward to it. There are so many teaching opportunities.

Just a few things I wanted to share about today (mainly so I don't forget these things in the future).
1) While at mass this morning, we were waiting in line for ashes. Hadley saw some people sitting in the pews who had already received theirs. She asked me what they were. I said, "They are ashes, and you are about to get some!" She said, "Ok Mama, I want pink ones!" So cute, she is such a girly girl. Only she would ask for pink ashes!
2) When I was about to drop Alex off at school after mass, he said, "Mom, are my ashes still there?" I told him they were, but a little faded, and asked him if he wanted them gone. He said, no, he wanted them there all day. I don't know about you other Catholic girls, but I was never proud of my ashes as a kid. In fact I think I always thought seriously about cutting bangs every winter to cover them up. No really, I think it was because I grew up going to Christian (but not Catholic) schools, and had very few Catholic friends. Not an excuse! Alex is in the same boat, and loves his ashes. Love that kid.
3) A man behind me in the grocery store said to me, "Enlighten me." I said, "Pardon me?" He said, "Enlighten me. What's on your forehead?" REALLY? I thought everyone knew about Ash Wednesday, even if you aren't Catholic. So I explained.
4) I told you my family gave up sweets for Lent. Well, Alex's teacher decided to share a cookies and cream (Alex's fav) candy bar with the whole class. He declined. He said it was so hard, and he almost cried. He even said another little girl in his class gave up sweets for Lent and she took a piece of candy. Like I said about teaching opportunities...this was one. I think he is learning about true sacrifice. He also said someone had steak for lunch...he had PB& meat on Ash Wednesday. So proud of my little guy.

P.S. Nobody forced him to give things up. HE chooses what to do.


Donna said...

How proud of your Alex are you? What a special boy! And he obviously has a great mommy who is raising him right!

Anonymous said...

Tear....I love that little boy so much!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love your little man. What a sweet story- and he will remember that forever.
I love your ashes story. I always had bangs, so mine would be covered up. But we would compare whose ashes were the biggest or the "most holy" and there are lots of good Catholic Ash jokes. And did you know my methodist church does ashes, too? Oh yes, times they are a changing.

BB Tucker said...

Holly, you have given Alex that strength. With God's help, of course, but through your obedience. So precious!
I have to tell you, I'm teaching my Sunday School on Galatians. I had never heard the song, "What Do I Know Of Holy" by Addison Road until I heard it on your blog. I found the YouTube, and then printed the words for everyone. We started out class seeing the YouTube and following along. This part really gets me: I tried to hear from Heaven
But I talked the whole time
I think I made You too small
I never feared You at all.
Thank you for having that song! My class thanks you!
BB Tucker