Monday, 15 February 2010

How Krispy Kreme Saved Me

Problem #1: Hadley, in new preschool. New teacher tells me on Monday that there will be a Valentine Party on Wednesday, and to bring valentines for the class. (I know what you are thinking..."Genius, it's that time of year. You should be prepared." In my defense, the month of February is crazy for us...3 birthdays 1 anniversary, and now closing on a new Valentines isn't at the top of my list.)

Problem #1 Solved: Pick up one dozen donuts from KK, get 12 free valentines with coupons for 1 free donut on each. Done.

Problem #2: I ate 1/2 of the box of the donuts I bought to get the free valentines.

Problem #2 not solved yet. Donuts went straight to my arse.

Problem #3: Alex has a male teacher. He told us about the Valentine Party on Thursday the day before the party. Asked us to bring something, God love him.

Problem #3 solved: Picked up another dozen donuts (the cute heart shaped kind seen below), got 12 free valentines. Also, used the 2 leftover valentines to get me and Hadley a snack. That one went to my gut.

Problem #4: I walk in the class with a dozen donuts and valentines (no, I didn't eat these), and Alex is embarrassed that I brought Valentines. Apparently, 4th grade boys are too cool for this. I almost walked out the door with the valentines and got myself 12 free donuts with the coupons, but the kids talked me out of it.

Problem #4 almost solved by me yelling at my son (in front of the whole class) how he is ungrateful, and he needed to get over himself and quit trying to be so cool because one other boy didn't bring valentines. Changed my mind, and decided to let my sister get this year's Mom of the year plaque.

Moral of the story. My family is giving up sweets for Lent. I'm obviously addicted, and it will be the hardest thing in the world for me to sacrifice. Pray for us! I Heart Krispy Kreme (pun intended)!


Anonymous said... mouth is watering!! Thanks for the shout out in this post! I wonder if I'll be able to handle all the fame this will bring me??!

Jill said...

Girl...step away from the lard and sugar!! You're not 19 anymore. Do like I do...I've not had a donut since I turned 24. Really. Look at them, sniff them, walk away. Nothing good in them...anyway you look at it. Eat chocolate instead or ice cream.

And where is new house? We have a contract on one in 37027 and are trying to rent the bomb over here...

Donna said...

Yay for the new house! How funny about the male teacher not knowing to LET YOU KNOW AHEAD OF TIME. Sheesh- and I don't care what age you are- Donuts and Valentines are AWESOME!

BobKat said...

ohhh I just had to read your donut post that Lent has started...and I too gave up sweets. GIRL I am right there with you- I HEART KRISPIE KREME! :) I'll take a lil' lard and sugar any day! ;)