Sunday, 7 February 2010

Patron Saint of Flat Tires

This past Thursday, my friend Stacy's daughter, Riley was receiving the sacrament of Confirmation. She asked me to be her sponsor, so I drove to Louisville on Wednesday night to be with them for a few days. We had such a great time. I just took Eli, and my sweet hubby took care of the other two kids.

Anyway, Stacy and her family live right in the middle of downtown. She literally only gets in her car once a week to go to Wal-Mart and Costco. They walk everywhere, from church to yoga class to dinner out.

So on Thursday, Stacy and I were walking to Mass and lunch, and she stopped and picked up three pieces of rusty metal that resembled bent nails, and she said "Perfect!" Puzzled, I asked why she just picked them up. She laughed and said that when on walks or runs with her husband, she always picks up nails or anything that could give you a flat tire. So her husband calls her "Stacy, the Patron Saint of Flat Tires." And that is the kind of person she is. She is so kind and giving and always thinking of others.

Ya'll, these are the kind of people I'm surrounded by. The Lord has blessed me so richly with friends who I strive to be more like (because they are so much like Christ). And when I think I don't have room in my heart for another friend, he sends me more. I love my friends, and the uniqueness they bring to my life.


Shana said...

that's so sweet, Holly. I love that name "patron saint of flat tires". my friend, amber, and I used to stop and rescue turtles who were trying to cross the road...does this count? :)

Katherine said...

Wow holly what a simple but beautiful story! Love it. Please tell your friend Stacy that she has inspired me to be more mindful of those around me and to do more random acts of kindness!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love that story! What a sweet friend! I'm glad y'all had a wonderful time.

And I'm super glad that you put this post in the "tires" category for all the other posts about tires.