Sunday, 14 February 2010

Olympic Time Baby!

I love them! Tadd and I so look forward to the Olympics! We watch them constantly when they are on, and even sit through the entire opening and closing ceremonies. My favorite part of the Olympics are the stories you hear about the athletes (of course...this is how the media draws women into sports...they pull at our heartstrings!). Anyhoo, I always look forward to seeing what the US Team wears at the opening ceremony. Ralph Lauren has been the designer for the last few Olympics, and my reviews are mixed about his designs. Here are a few pics. What do you think? Do the outfits represent America? I do recommend going to the NBC site to see some closer pics if you can't make a judgement by my pics.

Here's what I think. From the waist up, I think they are ok. I like the Abercrombie type moose hats, and the puffy jackets. Very "Colorado Ski Resort Chic." However, underneath are these bulky cable-knit off-white sweaters...just ok. I'm not a fan of cable-knit, and definitely not a fan of off-white sweater w/ white pants. And the white pants are baseball looking pants. Not a fan. The boots didn't excite me either. Oh, and the socks were off-white like the sweater. Scary. In Mr. Lauren's defense, how hard must it be to design something like this? I mean, all the things to consider: 1) It must be for both sexes 2) It's got to be warm and comfortable 3) It's got to be as American as Apple Pie and hot dogs (but healthier than that since these are athletes people).

Anyway, I know I'm rambling, but would love to hear your opinion. And more importantly, I would love to hear if I'm the only psycho that is waiting with baited breathe to see what the US Olympic team is wearing.


The Parrish's said...

Not a fan at all!

Rudie's Rendition said...

I watched some uphill ski event yesterday and decided that it's torture. The event lasted 30 minutes and was uphill the entire time. The winner fell over on the finish line. I wish I was a fan but it just seemed...pointless?!?! At any rate their "outfits" were sad. Grown men in hot pink scares me. Glad you and the fam like it...maybe I need to tune in to a different event?

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Yes you are.
BUT... I did notice.
And I agree that they have to be American and healthy, but Ralph does that all the time in much better style.
On a side note, I think that the Olympic athletes MUST eat hot dogs and apple pie since McDonald's advertisements show them eating chicken nuggets.
Right? RIGHT??

yea right... :)

Elyse said...

Okay so I'm addicted to the Olympics. I - love - them. Secretly I still get that crazy feeling I got when I was a child that I could still be one of those- like the ice skaters. I can barely ice skate. Anyway, I love them nonetheless.
I am not a fan of the outfits they wore at the opening ceremony. The baseball-style pants are not flattering. I liked the pant/suit combo they wore to the summer openings much better. Their casual sweaters they wear for interviews are much, much better. I think that warm, winter outfits are much more difficult to pull off anyway. Glad to know there's another huge fan of them out there. I'm watching the men's short skate program now. Some are way too feminine but I'm staying up to see the USA's contender - all 6 feet, 2 inches of him!