Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Betsey Johnson

It is with great sadness that I write this post. Why? Because I am a fan of Betsey Johnson clothing...her dresses are fun, flirty and feminine...and best of all, flattering on a variety of body types. Not to mention how cute and inviting her store is. I received an email from one of my clients about a dress she bought from BJ. She had it cleaned and was wearing it to an event. Here's what she said:

"So, I took the dress to wear to the benefit and it was completely ruined. The appliques were all melted and the netting was out of shape. I took it to the cleaners to find out it has been recalled and they are cutting me a check. They said Betsey is famous for using bad materials that do not hold up. They advised me not to buy her anymore or Tommy Hilfiger also... So...I am going to need a new dress...or two... but I get my $300 back...!!! And I had to leave the party after 1hr...because I looked that bad...."

I know, right! I was upset about this. I have several dear friends who LOVE BJ's dresses and have several. I just wanted to give you all the head's up. I know how hard we work to find nice dresses, and then to have them fall apart, and have to start that painful shopping experience over...not fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and what if a drycleaner did not stand behind the recall? This drycleaner, Nicholson Cleaners,, was above and beyond on customer service.

Linda Say, the owner, showed me the website with the defect listed and said she'd have to send it back and then get reimbursed. But...on Tuesday, she provided my husband a check for $308.46 - the dress and the cleaning bill...without proof of purchase!

If anyone needs a good drycleaner or alterations company - seek out Nicholson's!!


holly said...

Very true. Thanks Jill!