Sunday, 13 April 2008

Get yo' nails did!

Yesterday was two of my dearest friends' birthdays. I took one of them, Shannon, to get her nails done as my gift to her (Tiff, I wish you lived here still, and I'd have taken you too!). Now, this is not a luxury I often indulge in. Since we live on a strict budget, manis and pedis monthly don't fit into a category that is important to us! So I usually get my nails done for very special occasions, and at most, twice a year. Last night, we had Alex's big fundraiser for his school (songwriter's night, food, auction, fun...more on that later), and I considered that, combined with Shannon's b'day, special occasion enough for a small splurge. For those of you who are on a budget, but enjoy the finer things in life, like myself, I wanted to share this little gem with you. With some coupons I found, and tip included I got 2 manis and 2 pedis for $40. How is that possible you say? I'll tell you. At Franklin Hair Academy, you can have a student (or one of their teachers if you request it) do your nails for $8 and toes for $12. With my $2 off coupon, toes for $10. Now you can't beat that. I know some of you don't live here, but most decent sized cities have these places, so search it out. It's spring folks...go ahead and spend $18...treat yourselves...your feet will thank you ;)