Wednesday, 9 April 2008


"We cannot control what designers, magazine editors, and advertisers are going to foist on us next. What we can control is the way we present ourselves." -Tim Gunn

Gotta love Tim Gunn. I always tell my clients this in so many words. Trends are great, and the new styles are so much fun to try. However, we must not sacrifice our personal style in order to where them. And if a trend looks awful on your body type, it's not worth it! Follow the rules for your body type, and if a trend fits in those rule, go for it!


annieck said...

That's something my mom always told me growing up. Every time I tried to follow the trend, whether it be parting my hair down the middle or blue eyeshadow, she would remind me that every trend doesn't look good on every body. Not always fun to hear, but oh so true.

holly said...

your mom is a wise woman ;)