Monday, 21 April 2008

Jon and Kate plus 8

Was watching this great show tonight (and I know lots of you love it too), and was cracking up at Kate. John wanted to take her shopping to "liven up" her wardrobe. She admits she has no style, and only likes boring colors, and he is the one with the style, and so wants her to try new cool stuff...that is colorful! I can't tell you how many closets I've gone through that were FULL of black, white, brown and gray....yawwwwnnnn. Kate is not alone (and by the way, I would totally be her image consultant for free so I could hang out with her)! And although it is great to have someone help you, you are not likely to listen to your husband (or sister, or mom) when they give you fashion advice. That is where an outside party (such as myself) comes in handy. I can help go from drab to fab in no time flat!


Donna said...

I was cracking up that John was helping her- she kept calling the pants he picked out dismal or something like that. You could totally help her!

annieck said...

Gotta love Jon and Kate!!! I was watching some of the mini marathon last night too! I missed that episode. :(
I, like Kate, have tons of black. I always convince myself it makes me look skinnier (which I currently feel I need as I attempt to lose the rest of my baby curves). I often have to remind myself to buy COLORS. Of course, in all reality, I hardly ever buy clothes. It's so sad! Before I had Tristan, I considered myself to be quite fashionable. Then he came along, and I was more worried about making him fashionable.
It's been tough for me to stay in style with our tight tight budget. I hope to join the ranks one day! By then, I'll definitely need a fashion consultant! :)

Anonymous said...

This one must've been a rerun b/c I watched the new one last night! I know I'm no fashionista, but I'm pretty impressed that she gets dressed anything! I mean, I know she's on TV, but if I had 8 kids, I think I'd be proud of myself for just functioning daily!

holly said...

I love my black clothes too...until Hadley rubs her snot or drool on THAT is fashionable. Nannie, add some colorful shoes or bracelet, and that will liven up your all black wardrobe! Lins, sorry I don't keep up with J&K new episodes ;). And I agree...she is awesome for ever getting herself and kids out of their pjs!