Friday, 25 April 2008

Tacky vs. Trendy

Check out my poll to the right of this post. I want to know what all of you think of this colorful nail polish we are seeing everywhere. I'll let you know my opinion when the poll is over. Hurry, you have until 4/30 to vote. And, leave a comment if you want to elaborate on why you voted a certain way.


annieck said...

Look at you...getting all techy on us! :)
I mean, bright pink or red for toenails is ok for me, but green, yellow, blue fingernails...not really my style (even if it is the trend).

Anonymous said...

I love bright colors for toes. But, it's not for the office either. I like to do mixed up colors for toes in the summer (red with yellow, blue with green, orange with white dots)...keeps everyone guessing and looking at my toes!

But, for anything other than way.