Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Don't let your clothes laugh at you

Another great quote from my Timmy...aka Tim Gunn

"Clothes do not exist to humiliate their owners. … They don’t fit. Toss ‘em."

OK, so keep your wedding dress, and your tiny jeans from college to see if you can fit back in them one day. But keep them out of your "everyday closet." They don't need to be staring at you, taunting you. Just put them in another closet, or better yet, the attic! And no, high waisted, pleated, tapered jeans will not be back in style again, and if they are, don't wear them! They look good on NOBODY! Just have them to prove to yourself you can be back at your fightin' weight. Everything else...toss it!


annieck said...

HILARIOUS!!! I love it!
I need to do that myself, except I love wearing my mom jeans. :) I'm kidding, of course. :)

Erin Richardson said...

Hurray for no more tapered jeans!!!