Thursday, 8 January 2009

Fashionably Late

I'm not gonna lie. I am typically a late person. This is not a trait I'm proud of. I'd have to look back at my high school report card to be for sure, but I'm sure that each quarter, my tardies were in the double digits...and that was after my sweet homeroom teacher, Mrs. Giddens, overlooked me trying to sneak in the room half of the time.

If it's something really important, I'm not late at all! Rarely late for church, NEVER late for interviews, never late for clients. OK, so New Years resolution needs to be to change that 'rarely' to a 'never' on the church one.

Anyway, I have carried this on into my adult life, and my poor son's life. I went to PTM tonight and got Alex's report card. Last quarter, 7 tardies. This quarter...13 tardies!!! I am so embarrassed. Obviously, Alex's 3rd grade teacher doesn't overlook when we sneak in the door. I'm having a really hard time getting my huge self, Alex, and my 2 year old out the door and to school by 7:45 am. I was reprimanded by my husband when I got home (not really, but I vowed to do better). He reminded me that I'm about to have a 3rd baby to get out the door in the morning. What am I going to do! Any suggestions from you mamas?

Moral of the story: It is not fashionable to be late in the 3rd grade.


annieck said...

I'm the last one who should be giving advice because I'm not the most timely...BUT...I have seen a huge change in my hubby. When Channing and I first met, he was known (by everyone) for being late. He just always was.
After a few years, he decided to fix it. He did what Ben Lerner, and our pastor recommend...he gives himself margin. If he's supposed to be somewhere at 7:30, he tells himself he's supposed to be there at 7 or 7:15. That way, if he's running late getting out the door, or if there's a traffic problem (like a red light, that's MY traffic problem usually), he's got time...margin.
That's what he does. That's what our pastor does. It's what I need to start doing. I live by the last minute.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say the exact same thing as Annie! I always "trick" myself into thinking I need to be somewhere earlier than I actually do. It's just like setting your clock later than it actually is. When it was just Gabe, I gave myself 15 extra mins., now that Gianna's here too, it's about 25 extra mins. And, the crazy thing is..I'm rarely early!! I just am better about being on time (or just 5 mins. late instead of 15!!) Good luck sis...but I hate to tell you I think this problem is hereditary!

Jill said...

I don't have kids, but I always have to be somewhere..all the time. So, I pack up at night. That way, in the morning, I just get up and get ready. I also give myself 1 hour - regardless if I am even putting on just garbage clothes for an errand. That way, I can burn that hour doing nothing...or if I have to get fixed up, I have the absolute amount of time to do so.

PS I may have beat you in tardies. Joe and I were looking at my high school report cards last weekend. I was late or absent 36 times...yeah...I told you I BARELY graduated...and if I can change, there is hope for you too!

Hillary Dunham said...

I am the late one. Jason has to be on time. Everywhere. He even wants to be the first ones at a party. Really annoying.
All our clocks are set ahead, but unfortunately, I know that. I need to NOT know in order to convince myself that I'm running behind. I subtract the number of minutes and then tell myself I'm okay.
But, just like somebody else said, if I pack before and give myself plenty of time then I'm usually close to being on time...
Good luck! It gets crazy when you add another one- as I'm sure you recall!
And for some reason I didn't get the e-mail about your bee painting comment. I do love those. I have a couple of things from that line. I just got it at Babies R Us, you know. Are you decorating in that Wendy B. stuff? I love it!!