Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I've been tagged

I just got tagged by my Nannie. Many of you know her, but for those that don't, I'll try to describe her. She is strong in her convictions, which is a beautiful thing. She says what she thinks and believes no matter what people think. She says she is shy, which I've never known that side of her...or maybe I just thought she was a snob when I first met her (J/K). She has been a dear friend to me over the years, and I plan on that continuing! Even though she barfed all day on her wedding day, she was a radiant bride! And I seriously wore her bridesmaid dress to several Mardi Gras Balls. Betcha can't say that about many of the dresses hanging in your closet. Thanks for choosing black Nannie!
Here goes...7 random things about myself:
1) I like to gamble. This is really funny considering I am generally a pretty cheap person. I don't buy any clothing that's not on sale, and rarely go anywhere without a coupon, or bargaining with someone at the cash register. However, I will turn over a $20 bill on one hand of blackjack at the casinos...go figure.
2) I love Days of Our Lives. Ridiculous. I started watching it again (after several years off after college), when I was pregnant with Hadley. I couldn't sleep at night, so I would watch Days at 10pm on the Soap Opera Network. I'm not addicted, like I have to watch it everyday. But I definitely catch it during the day, or at night a few times a week.
3) Friday the 13th is my lucky day. Not that I believe in luck or am superstitious, but good things happen on Friday the 13th. Tadd and I had our 1st date on Friday the 13th, and it has just kept on getting better. So since my baby is due Wednesday, Feb. 11th, I'll probably be 2 days late.
4) I've been obsessed with shaving my legs for the last 2 weeks. Like Annie wearing socks during labor, I'm scared to death to have hairy legs in stirrups. And my feet do not go to bed without getting a good dose of lotion.
5) I get softer with age. Most of you who have known me the longest know how hard I have been (no need to comment). I think my children have softened me up. I cry so much more, and have become much more sensitive. If someone hurts my feelings these days, they are usually shocked because I haven't been the type you could get to easily in the past.
6) I love karaoke.
7) I have never dyed my hair (or injected my lips). People think because it is so black, that it's dyed. If you look closely (or far away these days) you will see several stray grays. I've been pleased that I haven't had to do anything to my hair in the past. Guess I'm gonna have to give in soon and cover up those grays!
I tag Lindsey, Molly and Illy


mberenis said...

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Jill said...

Love your beautiful black hair too!
Hope the baby is born 2/13...it's a much better day...!!

annieck said...

You crack me up! Lovin' that you're shaving your legs all the time. :) I'm sure your doc appreciates it. :) Ha!