Monday, 12 January 2009

'member when monday

I spend much of my time thinking back to times past. Whether it was last year or 20 years ago. So enjoy, and please, feel free to leave your own 'member whens in the comments section.

'member when we all had Hypercolor t-shirts? I thought about that this weekend, when Annie had a cup at Ellen's house that changed colors when it got cold. Hypercolor was the coolest! My shirt was orange and turned yellow when it got warm. Did you have one (or more)? If so, what color?


~w said...

Oh, i love it! mine was purplish and turned pink...just like the girl in the pic!!!!

annieck said...

I loved me some hypercolor! I had a pink one (forget what color it turned) and one that had a guy on the front. When he got hot, his clothes would change. Those were the days! :)