Friday, 16 January 2009

Internal Oven

Seriously, I know it is cold least that's what I'm told. It was 8 degrees when I took Alex to school this morning (at 9:00 am because school opened late...public schools were closed...WHAT? WHY? Snow was nowhere in the forecast). Anyway, point is, my belly is so huge, that if it weren't for my face being exposed to the cold, I wouldn't know it was cold. I am so hot all of the time that it doesn't matter. I wonder if I'm underdressing my kids because of the way I feel. I think Alex would wear gym shorts everywhere if I didn't make him change, but maybe they should be in scarves and gloves? Oh well, I guess when one of you calls child services on me, I'll just deny it all.


annieck said...

You are SO funny!!! Tardies and gym shorts in degree weather...I LOVE it!!!

annieck said...

I meant to say in eight degree weather. That would make more sense, huh?