Monday, 26 January 2009

'member when Monday

I spend much of my time thinking back to times past. Whether it was last year or 20 years ago. So enjoy, and please, feel free to leave your own 'member whens in the comments section.

'member when tight-rolled jeans were cool? Oh wait, this is a recent picture! Why oh why do some of these horrible fads have to come back into style? And who even gets to decide it's cool? They even look bad on precious Katie Holmes. Does she realize her jeans are too big too? I mean come on! This is one come-back fashion you will not catch Holly in!


annieck said...

You know you're dying to tight roll your jeans!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea, you definitely won't catch me bringing back that look either. But, I have to disagree...Katie is pulling them off! I don't know why! Maybe it's those super cute sandals!

~k said...

I think I saw that picture somewhere else and they are Tom's jeans- for real. No joke.