Monday, 5 January 2009

'member when Monday

Welcome to my first installment of "'member when Monday." I spend much of my time thinking back to times past. Whether it was last year or 20 years ago. So enjoy, and please, feel free to leave your own 'member whens in the comments section.

'member when nobody had cell phones? How did we get by? How did we find people when we needed them? OK, I had a beeper, and that's how my mom got in touch with me. Can you get more ghetto than that? Here's a look at my first cell phone. I thought I was soooo cool!


Hillary Dunham said...

That beeper is HOT, sista. Jason was big into a pager and when we started dating, his parents still hadn't erased the list of pager numbers that was on his DRY ERASE board door to his closet. There were all kinds of codes and things that I wasn't hip to.
Oh, and we had a bag phone, too- that we took into Wal-Mart- just in case we had some sort of life shattering emergency.

annieck said...

SO funny! I never had a beeper. I didn't even get a cell phone until I moved to Atlanta. No Zack Morris phones for me, my friend. :)
I was WAY behind the times.
Funny thing is that when Channing and I lived in Atlanta, someone broke into our car and tried to steal Channing's car phone...that was bolted into his Pathfinder. The thing was SO old and didn't even work. Why in the world would someone try to steal that?

Reagan said...

Holly, the Beeper is cracking me up!!! So you and all the local doctors could be paged when needed!! I love it!

Jill said...

Hilarious. I never had a beeper but my Uncle would make me carry his when I was visiting him. And I fought the cell phone thing until I absolutely had to...1999. I still fight it by turning it off and letting the battery go dead.

Here's a good one - what about those portable CD players...I came across 2 I had in the heck did anyone ever jog/exercise with them...and not totally break their face? Ha!

You should put a fashion twist on this and put up old outfits...I have some really great crazy ones to submit...!!