Sunday, 25 December 2011

Leaving Heaven

Well, it’s been real nice living way up here
In paradise, over the atmosphere
But I can’t stay long, gotta make my way
I’m leaving Heaven today

You see the world is dark and it needs a light
I’m gonna hang a star in the eastern sky
So everybody’s gonna know where I touch down
I’m leaving Heaven right now

I’m gonna walk around that broken Earth
Trading in these streets of gold
So if you ever wonder how much you’re worth
You should know
That you’re the reason why I’m leaving Heaven

Ain’t gonna be no kingdom, ain’t gonna be no crown
Just a little old manger, in a little old town
But it’ll do just fine for this humble King
I’m leaving Heaven let all the angels sing

And when my time comes to an end
I’ll lay down my life like a truest friend
And when I get back home, I’m gonna make some room
So, don’t you worry, ‘cause I’m coming back for you

And you will say goodbye to that broken Earth
You’re gonna walk on streets of gold
And if you ever wonder what my love is worth
Well you should know
That I’m the reason you’ll be seeing Heaven
-Matthew West

Merry Christmas Friends!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Party Attire

"What am I going to wear to this party? I have nothing to wear!!!" Sound familiar? Well, those are frequent words around here this time of year. Mostly because I am usually eating 24 hours a day from Thanksgiving until New Years, and I literally have nothing to wear that fits. But I'm doing better this year on eating, so I have had some choices on what to wear.

But how do you know what to wear to Christmas parties? Well, most importantly, you need to ask the hostess what the attire is. It can be cocktail, Church or business attire, or casual. Once you know that, you can narrow down your options. I gave you some example pictures below to guide you. This is for next year of course since the Christmas parties are over, but you can certainly use this advice for New Years or any other parties throughout the year!

1)Cocktail attire

Our company Christmas party is pretty dressy. Not because we have it somewhere super fancy, but because we are all girls, and we like to play dress up! Look at last year compared to this year.

Last year
This year. Makini (Back row on the left) said she refused to be outdone this year. She said she was way too casual last year, and she wasn't going to let that happen again! She was so cute. I told her if she wasn't so tiny and had a booty, she could've passed for Beyonce's twin!

As you can see, you can choose anything from lace, to fur, to strapless silk, to satin, to sequins, to ruffles for a cocktail attire party.
I chose head to toe winter white for this party. I got my inspiration from my friend Devon. She wore a similar outfit for a fundraiser we went to in the Fall, and I thought it was stunning. Thanks for letting me copy you! How I got the look. To The Max satin strapless top: it's been in my closet for about 5 years since I had my business. It's an old faithful. J Crew herringbone pants: Borrowed them and gold shoes from Ellen (college roommate who now lives 5 minutes from me. We are sharing clothes again just like the good old days!). Winter white Target cardigan that I've had for a few years. Mom's pearls. No money spent, and and it was a brand new outfit for me!

2) Church/business dress
Donna had a lovely party, and the possibilities are endless what to wear at one of these. You are seeing me right now about to leave, so I have on my Kelly green coat ( it and I get compliments every time I wear it). I thought Donna and I looked perfectly Christmasy in our red and green in this pic.

Keep it simple. I say the easiest way to go is to wear a nice pair of slacks and a dressier shirt (I wouldn't wear this to church or work, but who's keeping tabs? Ok, I would with a cardigan over it.). Don't feel like you have to wear a dress, unless you have the perfect one. Like for instance Christy's vintage Dolce and Gabana. She looked like Gwen Stefani circa 1994. Coolest. Dress. Ever. I wish I'd have gotten a better pic where you could see the whole thing. Fab. Don't we all wish we had rich aunts who give us their designer hand me downs?

3) Casual

Above are pics from a neighborhood all girls party. I was invited to this last minute (I didn't know the hostess, but she told a friend to bring me, since I'm the new girl in town). I was a little frantic about this one. I had no idea what the attire was. I called my friend Courtney and she told me she was wearing jeans. Phewww. That's easy. Another top that I have in my closet from boutique days with black tissue tee, skinny jeans, black booties, and red necklace for a pop of color.

Of course, when you are the hostess, you can do anything. Especially if it's accessorizing with a Jerry Garcia Santa.

This one was at my house. I hosted Tadd's family Christmas. Yes, my hair is wet, I have no shoes on, and don't think I wore make-up that night. But I did ALL of the food by myself, and the outfit was this last thing on my mind.
Tadd's sis, mom and brother's girlfriend.

Me, Linda (my Mom in Law), Aunt Sherry, Cousin Allison (holding Mia) and Cousin Ashley (Mia's mom)
This was another one with Tadd's family in Gadsden. Ashley hosted. I got to meet sweet Mia for the first time! She's even cuter in real life!
When you are with family, you get to just be comfy and cozy. Just remember to wear stretchy pants (or a long top so nobody can see that you have your jeans unbuttoned), because you know you are going to be eating all day!

So in conclusion (for anyone that is still reading the longest post in the world), the most important rule to follow is to wear what looks good on you. If you get too far out of your comfort zone to try something new, it will backfire. Stick to you rules for your body-type, and stick to the proper attire, and you'll be fine. Oh, and get rid of the ugly Christmas sweaters!

I'm so crafty

I've never considered myself the crafty type. But this time of year, though busy, is always a fun time to introduce some fun crafts. Being home, homeschooling, has given us more time to do this than normal. For me (don't judge), crafts are a great babysitter for me. The little kids get busy with scissors and glue, and I can have some quiet time with Alex to do some school work. So here are a few things we've been busy with lately!

This is our Jesse Tree. This is our fist year of doing this. It's been lots of fun for the kids! We printed off the ornaments we found online, glued them to construction paper circles, and wrote the scripture reference on back. We also laminated them so we can use them year after year. Next year, I plan on using a small Christmas tree and hanging the ornaments on it. I just needed to wait until the end of the year when all of the trees go on clearance! But for now, a tree cut out of green poster board worked.

H and E made these cute trees. The ones I saw online had ornaments painted on, but that would've been a hot mess in my house. So I let them cut construction paper ornaments and glue them on the trees. We used toilet paper rolls for the tree trunk. They loved this project and I thought they turned out adorable. We also made a bunch more of these without the trunk as Christmas cards. The kids handed them out yesterday at the nursing home we went to for Christmas caroling!

So in conclusion, I guess I am kind of crafty. I do, after all, make people! And no, I'm not pregnant.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

What's on your list?

When you are a mama on a limited budget, you have to be creative with your wardrobe. So how do I do it? Where do I get my inspiration? How do I put outfits together? How do I keep it fresh without breaking the bank?

Well, I'll tell you. I am ALWAYS looking for new outfit ideas. The first step to being able to make many outfit combinations is to have a good workable wardrobe with all of the basics and plenty of accessories. If you don't know how to do this, email me and I'll help you.

The second thing to do is to look for outfits you like and try to recreate them with your own spin on them based on what you already have in your closet. This is what I do. I love looking at InStyle, Lucky, and People Style Watch magazines for the trends of each season. I take ideas from these magazines, TV shows, or people I see everyday and then hit my closet!

I keep a mental list of things I want for the season and try to only by a few items each season to save money. Here's whats on the list:
1) Grey boots
2) Black boots (I have some, but would like a new pair. That way I can pass these to my sis...she's been on my case for a good 2 years now to hand them on to her).
3) A fur vest. Ok on this one, I can't see spending money on it because it is a trend that I don't think will last past this year. So I asked my sister-in-law if she had a spare she'd like to part with for the year, and she did. So this one I can check off the list with no money spent! If you are wondering how I'll wear it, I plan to pair it with a very feminine shirt, a skinny belt over the vest, skinny jeans, and some slouchy boots or pointy toe python heels (all ideas I pulled from several magazine pictures and a TJ Maxx commercial).
4) A dark pair of nice jeans I can wear with heels. Took care of this one. I went to TN a few weeks back to shop with a client, and left all of my clothes hanging at home in my closet. Great excuse to hit TJ Maxx. I totally got lucky to find a pair of jeans there for $30 that were actually long enough for me. Great buy...another item checked off my list.
5) A pair of leg warmers. What? Leg warmers back in style? Yes. I saw my cute friend Meredith wearing a pair peeking out of her riding boots. Adorable. I love it. Maybe Santa will put some of these in my stocking!

By making a list like this, you will save so much money. In my business, I call this "Shopping with Purpose." If you have an idea of what you need in your closet, you will save so much money and avoid impulse buying! I hope this is helpful. I'd love to hear your ideas. Where do you get your inspiration? What's on your list for this year?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

How to wear jewel tones

Fall is upon us and so are new fashions. If you haven't already figured it out, two big colors for the fall are red and jade, which are both jewel tones. There are very good ways, and very bad ways to wear jewel tones. I have figured this out after years of trying to figure out what to wear and how to make things look good together. Here's my conclusion: do not wear black with jewel tones. I know what you are thinking. "If I can't wear black with jewel tones, what do I wear?" The answer is gray. Black with jewel tones can look harsh, and often just a little cheap. Wearing them with gray softens the look. I know this sounds crazy, but look at the example below.

Anthony Kim in Red and Gray
Tiger Woods in Red and Black

Say what you will about my examples being golfers, but this is my life. I watch golf with my hubby and analyze the outfits. Tiger Woods always wears red on the Sunday of the tournaments, and I've been saying for years that he would look so much better if he would wear gray pants with the red shirt instead of black. Do ya'll think he would hire me if I sent him the post?

Anyway, there is a way to make jewel tones look better with black....add another psuedo-neutral (white, black, gray, khaki, navy, olive, cream). Example. You have a red shirt and black pants. Make the outfit come together with a white cami and pearls. You can also help the outfit by wearing a shoe with some detail (animal or floral print).

Hope this helps. Questions, comments, arguments?

Friday, 4 November 2011

Cornbread and Biscuits

If you don't listen to country music, you won't get this, but I've got the song playing if you choose to listen. Last night while we were eating dinner, Hadley said, "If we had Jason Aldean over for dinner, we'd have cornbread and biscuits."

Are You Ready?

I'm so excited. It feels like I'm 7 years old and it's Christmas Eve, or we are leaving for a Disney World Vacation! I literally couldn't go to sleep last night, I'm so excited. Roll Tide Ya'll!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ponder this

Which is worse?

1) Having dark tile and countertops and living in filth without knowing it?
2) Having white tiles and countertops and constantly cleaning?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Granola or Oatmeal?

*Note: The below pics are from homecoming last year. But in my defense, I just found my camera charger and am just now getting these off my camera. I figured my fellow Gamma Sigmas would wanna see these pics. AND because of the story below, I needed to show you the girls that are the unique joy of my heart!!*

Not long ago my homegirls from college came to Birmingham for the weekend. As always, we picked up where we left off. We talked, laughed, wined, dined, and of course...shopped. Some of these girls live right up the street and some I haven't talked to or seen in several years. But we always have so much fun and it feels like we've never left each others sides. We feel free to tell each other what to wear, how to drive, and to avoid diet sodas...but always skip the part about how to raise our kids!

In my case, the girls have coined me the "granola" of the group. I do realize I do some "crunchy" things (i.e. no vaccinations, paperless in the kitchen, I recycle, would love my own chickens, but settle for local farm eggs, I'd give birth with a midwife on a farm somewhere if that didn't freak my husband out, and I avoid traditional medicine as much as possible...and ok, I want my nose pierced...sometimes...nothing big...just a tiny dot). Anyway, the girls think I'm crazy....and they told me so.

Now they say they are afraid I'm going to start wearing patchouli!!! I mean give me a break. I do not smoke anything, and don't need to wear patchouli to cover it up! Anyway, my "friends" have resorted to shamelessly making fun of me on Facebook!!! And I'm not on FB. I mean, whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves. So here I am, trying to defend myself, and I don't think I'm doing a very good job. But I have friends who eat all organic, others who are vegan, others who drive "green" cars (mine's a gas-guzzling SUV). Point being, I think I'm the watered version of granola (made with organic milk of course)...making me oatmeal.

Me, Ellen, Jenn, Michelle, Nikki and Stacy
How cute are these letters? Everyone decorates them so cute now. Precious.
The four of us made the trip together and shared a hotel room. Lots of laughs!

Me and Elle Half Shell like the good ole' days!
Jenn and Stacy
Ellen, Christina (who is prettier than the day I met her 15 years ago!) and me

It was so awesome seeing all of these girls who I haven't seen in years and years. Good times!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

I had to put this down somewhere so I'll never forget this conversation I had with Hadley on the way home from mass tonight. I stopped in the gift store after mass, and she saw some prayer cards. She wanted one with St. Michael on it, and after her behavior in church, I figured we needed all the help we could get. Calling all saints and angels!!!! We got in the car and she was carefully examining the picture on the front. Here's how it went from there.

H- Mom, can we talk about St. Michael?
M- Sure, what do you want to talk about.
H- What does he protect us from?
M- Well, the devil and other evil things that we may encounter...just like the prayer says.
H- Mom?
M- Yes?
H- I think St. Michael is handsome and I would like to marry him. You know, I say that about all the handsome men I see.
M- Well, you shouldn't just want to marry someone because they are handsome. Remember how we have talked about how God looks at our inside beauty, and not our outside beauty? It is much more important to have a husband that is handsome on the inside. One who is caring, loving, takes care of you, and loves Jesus. You wouldn't want a handsome husband who was mean to you all of the time would you?
H- No. But St. Michael protects us from the devil. That's nice, isn't it? He must love Jesus if he does that.
M- Yes, it's very nice, and he does love Jesus very much.
H- Ok, so can I marry him now?
M- No baby, you can't marry an angel.
H- Ok. Does St. Michael smoke cigars?
M- {laughing hysterically}
H- Mom, why are you laughing.
M- Because Hadley, you are very funny, and I don't know where you come from sometimes.
H- Oh. Mom, is the devil a bat?
M- No.
H- Well, he has wings like a bat in this picture, he can probably fly. Do you think he can fly? Mom, what are we having for dinner?

Not kidding...just a snapshot of a day in the life with Hadley. Wouldn't trade her for the world...most of the time :)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

I'm here. Settled in B'ham. H0me of men wearing Columbia shorts that are tight and too short, and deck shoes. And home of women in capris and Yellow Box flip flops. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with either of these looks. I'm just saying, I see it lots everywhere. On a different note, mama loves seeing classy folks decked out in Bama gear (not the rednecks with mullets...I've spotted those too). While I miss Tennessee so much I could cry (and have) I am OVER being in UT orange country. Oh, and mama loves having her husband home every night for dinner.

On to my next adventure...homeschooling! Thanks be to Jesus for Donna who has helped me out and introduced me to her sweet friends (and told me they would be mine too!!). She has been a God-send. I have books ordered, and we are starting literature and Religion tomorrow. CRAZZEEE!!! Pray for me.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I'm not drowning

No chance, because I have accumulated a lovely little inner tube around my waistline. It's pretty bad when your 4 year old says, "Mommy, you have a baby in your tummy!!!" No hunny, that's just what happens when you eat Cheetos and drink margaritas all summer!

It's all good, I'll work it off. My mom said for me to give myself a break. We've been under lots of stress...I had a contract job last month that took up lots of my time, we sold the house and are moving back to Bama!!! And the list goes on. So I'm taking mama's advice and going easy on myself...for a little while anyway.

So if I were a celebrity being photographed by the paparazzi 24/7, the buzz would be that I have a bun in the oven. No bun here...except one too many honey buns!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What We Do for Beauty

We all know the phrase, "It hurts to be beautiful." It's kind of my motto. I mean, what's a little pain, right? Stilettos for hours at a wedding, ripping hair off your face with hot wax, sleeping (or not sleeping at all) in ridiculous contraptions such
as the pink sponge rollers, that seemed like a good idea when putting them in before bed, but not such a good idea when you get up the next morning with half of them out, therefore leaving half of your head in Shirley Temple ringlets, and the other half straight as a board.
Or what about the infamous headgear (No this is not me in this picture, but it does resemble me in high school, minus the hands under the armpits. My poor parents spent the money on a headgear, that I literally wore one time. I decided an extra year of braces was so worth it to not have to wear that monstrosity.
My latest "pain" was the home keratin treatment I tried. I have had two professional 'Brazilian Blowouts' to straighten my hair (which looks like headgear girl if I don't take professional measures). Anyway, the home treatment is not as good as the professional one to say the least. I used the Organix brand Brazilian Treatment and my hair was greasy for 48 hours (which is how long you have to keep it in without washing it, or putting it behind your ears or in a ponytail. I also smelled of some crazy things. Some people said, microwaved chicken noodle soup or ramen noodles, some said cookies, some said suntan oil. I think it was a combo of all three. Anyway, I would say that this pain isn't worth it. Spend the money on real Scotch tape, Kraft cheese, and a real salon Keratin Treatment. You'll get what you pay for otherwise :). What kind of pain have you put yourself through for beauty, and was it worth it?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Happy Summer Ya'll

Last year, I dropped a whole size in clothes with no explanation. It was nice...really nice. I was smaller than I can remember. Like pre-high school. So I did what any girl would do in this situation and ditched all my clothes that were too big for me!

Well guess what happened when momma tried to put on her white shorts a few weeks ago. They wouldn't button! Surely they shrunk in the dryer, you say?! Well that what's I said! But come to find out, ALL of my shorts shrunk in the dryer!!!

So I put together a plan to start working out and dieting like crazy. But honestly, I'm not in the mood for dieting. Seriously, it just makes me grumpy, and I'm already grumpy enough as it is. I don't feel the need to bring it on myself. And besides, it WAS a total fluke that I was that skinny last year. I have no idea how it happened. I think my body had me confused with someone else. And let's get real. There's no way, even if I tried that I was going to drop enough weight quick enough to fit into those tiny shorts.

So onto plan "B." 1) Go shopping and buy some clothes that actually fit (this is what I tell my clients when they gain weight...time to take my own advice). I did this, and I feel better already! 2) Spend lots of time at the pool....cuz tan fat is prettier than white fat. 3) Sit on the back porch and drink a Blue Moon while my hubby grills cheeseburgers and listen to the faint sound of the ice cream maker churning up something good in my kitchen. Ahhhh, now that sounds like a plan! Oh yeah, and with a little help from my friend, I can maintain what I am now so I won't have to go shopping again!

Happy Summer Ya'll!!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It all comes back around?

Hmmm, some things never change...the good, bad and the just plain ugly!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Somebody said...

Happy Mother's day to all of you mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, godmothers, those who long to be mothers, and those who are missing their mothers.

Somebody said it takes about six weeks to get back to normal after you've had a baby ............
somebody doesn't know that once you're a mother, "Normal," is history.

Somebody said you learn how to be a mother by instinct
Somebody never took a three-year-old shopping.

Somebody said being a mother is boring ......
Somebody never rode in a car driven by a teenager with a driver's permit.

Somebody said if you're a "good" mother, your child will "turn out good."
Somebody thinks a child comes with directions and a guarantee.

Somebody said "good" mothers never raise their voices .....
Somebody never came out the back door just in time to see her child hit a golf ball through the neighbor's kitchen window.

Somebody said you don't need an education to be a mother.
Somebody never helped a fourth grader with her math.

Somebody said you can't love the fifth child as much as you love the first.
Somebody doesn't have five children.

Somebody said a mother can find all the answers to her child-rearing questions in the books .........
Somebody never had a child stuff beans up his nose or in his ears.

Somebody said the hardest part of being a mother is labor and delivery .......

Somebody never watched her "baby" get on the bus for the first day of kindergarten

or on a plane headed for military "boot camp."

Somebody said a mother can do her job with her eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back ........
somebody never organized four giggling Brownies to sell cookies.

Somebody said a mother can stop worrying after her child gets married ...

Somebody doesn't know that marriage adds a new son or daughter-in-law to a mother's heartstrings.

Somebody said a mother's job is done when her last child leaves home ....

Somebody never had grandchildren.

Somebody said your mother knows you love her, so you don't need to tell her .........

Somebody isn't a mother.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I changed my mind

Don't judge me. I'm a woman, and I have the right to change my mind as often as I want. Here is my Easter dress...'s from Forever 21. I know, I know. I dedicated a whole post to how much I disliked their spring fashions, but I swear, everytime I go in there, they have new stuff! I bought this one in Mobile, and oh how I do love it! It is from the Love 21 line, and is so feminine and pretty. And if you were wondering, yes, my skin is as pasty as the girl in this picture. I think it will look much better on my when I have a tan. Who has a tan on Easter anyway?

Monday, 7 March 2011

2011 Oscar Fashions

Back by popular demand by my one reader (and it's my sister, pathetic!), here is Holly's rundown on the 2011 Oscar Fashions...for what it's worth. You know what I love about this? We all have opinions. I actually watched the Oscars from start to finish with my mother-in-law, and some things she LOVED, I LOATHED! Same with my sister, and same with me and Joan Rivers. So here goes!

While Ann Hathaway left much to be desired with her hosting skills, she knocked it out of the park with her 8 costume changes, with the exception of the blue pleather looking one. She gets the "Home Run" award.
Ok, mixed reviews here. Loved it when I saw it on the red carpet, but when she presented, I thought she had tattoos on her boobs. It was weird. She she gets the "Monet (beautiful from a distance, hot mess up close)" award.

Nicole had one of my least favorite dresses of the night, but she gets an honorable mention for best "arm-candy." Look at sweet Keith stepping back and letting her shine. Such a doll.
Marisa Tomei gets my "worst dressed" award. Really, worst look all around. Not sure what she was thinking.

Mark Ruffalo gets "worst arm-candy award." His wife couldn't decide what to wear, so she put two dresses on.

2011 Oscars - Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves
Matthew and wife get the "Can't stop staring" award. They were gorgeous.

"Can you believe that I got this right off the rack at Wet Seal?!"

Melissa Leo oscars dress 2011 Melissa Leo in Elegant White Lace Dress at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Photos
"Do you love my dress? My daughter made it with leftover doilies from her valentine's art project!"

Reese was feeling sentimental, so she had her designer replicate her 1994 prom dress.
Hilary was one of my favorites, and gets the "diva duck" award.
Natalie gets my "bun in the oven beauty" award, although, I was not diggin' her tassel earrings.
These two get "age appropriate dresses" award. So glad Miley Cyrus wasn't invited.
Giuliana, do us all a favor and eat a burger and fries, ok?
Halle gets my "best dressed" award, and "I hope I look like her when I'm 45" award. Stunning.

Would love to hear what you all (or just you Lindsey) thought of the fashions. Does anyone disagree with me? Did I leave anyone out?

Thursday, 3 March 2011


This is one time it is NOT OK to sacrifice fashion for comfort. These are the craziest shoes (or whatever they are) I've ever

seen, and when I see people wearing them I can't help staring. They are so bizarre and I want to laugh and cry at the same

time when I see them.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Forever 31...ahem, I mean 21!

Yes, I'm in my last days of my 31st year, and still shop at Forever 21. Do not judge me because you know you do it too. However, there are PLENTY of clothes in there that I KNOW are too young for me, and I pass them over.

I was so excited when we got our 10,000 sq ft Forever 21 here a few months ago, and a friend of mine rushed right over there to get t-shirts for $3. It was full of stuff and we literally plan out how we were going to go through the whole store, it is so huge. Their Winter stuff was adorable, and we had fun browsing. I got some basics like camis and long sleeve knit tops to layer, and she got these jeans for $9.50 (yes, she's like a size 2 and looks darling in these...cue gag)!

We vowed to come back for more serious shopping a few weeks later when it was payday, and we did (and brought along another friend). Boy was I disappointed with their Spring line!

For starters, we had just come from Philanthropy and got to see all of the beautifully, feminine spring clothing that is out. The colors are peaches, and pinks and light greens and blues, with tiny floral prints....very vintage looking, and I LOVE IT! And the one shoulder look is back...yippee! Forever 21 has a line of this type stuff, and I think it is hideous. It looks cheap, and I don't like it.

And can anyone tell me what this is about?

Secondly, the whole center section is nautical themed. Yuck. Now we may be seeing this stuff in the spring, but you will NOT see it on me! The ONLY way I would wear that stuff is if someone invited me out on their yacht for the day. And I would imagine if I had friends rich enough to have a yacht, I would be rich too and wouldn't be shopping at Forever 21! Ok, maybe I would ;).

Anyway, I was hoping for a few inexpensive, cute pieces for the spring from Forever 21, but so far, not impressed. I'll definitely continue to get my basics from there, but other than that, I'll have to keep you posted.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Fast and Furious February

February is our craziest month of the year...3 birthdays and an anniversary...oh yeah, and Valentine's Day...AND if I was still in Mobile, it would be Mardi Gras time! Not to mention the regular, Bible study, jobs, kids, and keeping up with the house. Crazy times here!

I've been thinking about the last year over the past couple of days. Mainly because on Monday (yes, Valentine's Day), Tadd and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. It was a sweet day, and my sweet hubby cooked me a gourmet meal that we enjoyed in quiet after we put the kids to bed. Anyway, I was thinking about how hard this year has been for us in more ways than one...really hard. I remembered a meditation I had read a few weeks ago about suffering and how one cannot know true joy without suffering first. Even though, we are still struggling, things are much better, and I have so much to be grateful for. Our health, our home, God's provision, an extended family that I can talk to and who all love and respect one another, a job, Godly friends, and a wonderful Church home. Yesterday I got an email with the testimony of a lady whose husband walked out on her after 7 years of wedded bliss, and after she had just given birth to their first child. He had been unfaithful the whole time. That husband of hers was an ex-boyfriend of mine, and I couldn't help but think how that could've been me. Also, I spoke with a candidate whom I haven't been able to get in touch with, and he said the reason why is is 34 yr old wife was put in the hospital on Friday for heart failure due to the chemo she was going through for her breast cancer...34 years old!

So I think the lesson in all of this is that God is giving me little glimpses of how good I have it. I really have so many reasons to be joyful. My sweet Eli turned 2 last week, and he is just the joy of our lives. We all just sit and watch him and laugh at him daily! Hadley insists on dressing herself, and comes down in the craziest outfits you've ever seen, and we just have to laugh. And my sweet Alex, he's a little man. The best sense of humor, and such a kind heart. I couldn't have custom ordered better kids. And my husband, well, I could write for days. Let's just say God knew what he was doing.

I'm so grateful to be celebrating life right now, and love this season I'm in. Sorry for the deep post...this is for me to look back on later!

On a side not, I'm so disorganized. My brain capacity is full with activities. There is too much in my head, and I forget things all of the time. I'm terrible at using a calendar. Any advice on how to stop forgetting things?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Free Jewelry, but HURRY!

My favorite accessory store is having quite the deal this week. Unfortunately, no one informed me of it until yesterday and today is the last day! So if you are in the Nashville or Franklin area, go to What's-In-Store's website, Click on "This ones on us" at the bottom of the page, print your coupon and take it in the store! They have a shelf of jewelry for you to pick from, and it really is free!!! Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch?

I'll post pics later of what I scooped up!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Change of Plans

If you would've asked me a few weeks ago, I'd have told you I would be rooting for the Auburn Tigers tonight. You know, keeping it in the SEC conference. Making us win 5 national championships in a row.

Well, the more I think about it, the more I realize I can't do it. No matter how hard I try, I can't cheer for them. It's just not in my DNA. Impossible. Makes me sick to my stomach to think about them winning.
So the phrase of the day is....GO DUCKS! Sorry all my Auburn friends. You know I love you.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Extra Layers for the Cold

I was talking to the lady I get my eggs from (go ahead and insert 'granola' comment here). She has free range chickens, and they have had terrible trouble with predators this year. Bobcats, hawks and name it, they've had it. She said that these animals have the instinct that it is going to be a long cold winter, and the are packing on the pounds (in the form of her poor chickens), to keep warm for this winter.

So my question is, are we the same? Is this why I ate probably a total of an entire pan of fudge over the last 3 weeks? I literally have a giant muffin top that has appeared in the month of December. Is it because I know it's going to be cold and I need that extra layer of warmth? I'm just gonna go with that. It's my instinct. It's what we do.